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Verktygsservice (tool service)

The most modern grinding stations in Sweden

Our grinding services are conducted in Ekenässjön, Nybro and in Stange, Norway. We grind any types of cutting tools.

Kvarnstrands Verktygsservice is today a complete grinding compayny where you can get help to grind up any types of edges for wood-, aluminiu, and metal application.
We cover the main part of southern Sweden (Skåne, Småland, Halland, Bohuslän, Västergötland and Östergötland) with route cars that collect and deliver you tools.

At Kvarnstrands we are not just satisfied to be good, but we always want to be the best. At the service part we constantly invest in new modern machines, but also in the most important; committed and skilled personal that love to deliver service of the highest quality. The service mindness and the intend to assist gives us the possibility to offer express gringings for most of the tool types.

Our route cars in Norway cover the main part of the country.

To the customers that lives outside of our routes, offer we extern logistics solutions.

Never ever hesitate to contact us.